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      LaTeX - How to start efficiently and successfully into Latex for scientific projects!

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      Welcome to the MicroCredential: LaTeX!

      The MicroCredential "The LaTeX course" comprises three micro units, each focused on various topics.  We furnish learning videos followed by relevant tasks. Upon completion of all micro units, the MicroCredential for the LaTeX course can be obtained by submitting the "final assignment", which contains multiple-choice questions.

      Course content

      This course covers the following topics: Installation, Working with text, Layout, Floats, Figures and Tables, Mathematical Expressions, Literature, and Templates.

      Please find below a summary of the projected time frames for each chapter:

      Video group Learning videos [hrs] Tasks [hrs] Micro unit
      Prerequisites 00:14:17 01:00:00 1
      Text formatting 01:23:01 02:55:00 1
      More on text formatting 01:08:00 02:25:00 1
      Layout 00:34:35 01:10:00 2
      Tables 00:55:40 02:05:00 2
      Figures 01:09:29 06:00:00 2
      Literature and directories 01:11:11 03:05:00 3
      Math mode 01:17:47 03:10:00 3
      Thesis 00:35:33 01:30:00 3
      Final assignment

      total running time 08:29:33 24:05:00

      Learning goals

      After completing this course you are able to create high quality documents for scientific projects.


      There are no prerequisites required. However, a computer with an internet connection is necessary when following the tutorials on a local installation.

      Content creator

      This course is offered by the university didatics team.

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